Local Gaming Clubs & Societies (Cambs+)

Local Gaming Clubs & Societies

As a Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS), The Hobbit Hole is committed to supporting the local gaming community.  Below are the contact details of  local clubs, membership of which entitles you to a 10% discount across a vast range of products in store!

Chatteris Warlords Games Club

  • Meet up Venue : The Chatteris Working Men's Club, Station Street.
  • Day(s) and Time : 6:30 pm every Tuesday night.
  • Facebook Page : www.Facebok.com/groups/chatteriswarlords
  • Contact Name & Number : contact bob Bateman on Facebook.
  • Type of Games Played : this club plays wargames for example, warhammer 40k and age of sigmar, as well as board games and they aslo have a small but strong magic the gathering group that meets there too!

Huntingdon & District Wargames Society

  • Meet up Venue : The Montaqu Club,14 Hartford Road, PE29 3QD
  • Day(s) and Time : they meet every thursday night,7 pm till 11 pm 
  • Website : www.hdws.org.uk
  • Contact Email : secretary@hdws.org.uk 
  • Type of Games Played : this club plays war games and board games.

Fenland Gamers - Wisbech Board Games

  • contact Darren Christie on Facebook for details about the place time and date of this club's meeting.
  • Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/groups/fenlandgamers/about/
  • Contact Name : Darren Christie
  • Type of Games Played : board games and tabletop games are played by the Fenland Gamers

    Ely Games Day 

    • visit the Ely Games Day facebook page for more infomation about the location of where they meet as well as specific times.
    • Meet up Venue : based in ely
    • Day(s) and Time :the ely games day meet on a monthly third Saturday. in other words they meet on a saturday then they meet again in three weeks time on a saturday.
    • Facebook Page :https://www.facebook.com/groups/102525896452910/about/
    • Type of Games Played : board games, RPG's card games and tabletop games are all played by this club

    Norman Cross Crusaders

    • Meet up Venue :The Community Hall, Yaxley
    • Day(s) and Time :every Monday 6:30 till 10
    • Facebook Page :https://www.facebook.com/groups/178431578868056/
    • Contact Name & Number : visit there closed facebook page for contact details and more information.
    • Type of Games Played :the Norman Cross Crusaders will play any system that their members are interested in, the current craze is war hammer 40k and similar war games.

    2D6 Lodge

    • Meet up Venue : Nether Hall School, Queen Ediths Way.
    • Day(s) and Time :every friday noght 7 till 10 pm
    • Twitter name : @2D6Lodge
    • Contact Email :cambridge2D6Lodge@hotmail.com
    • Contact Name : 2D6Lodge
    • Type of Games Played : 2D6Lodge plays war games, card games and board games.

    Newmarket Knights Games Club

    • Meet up Venue :2nd Soham Scout & Guide Center
    • Day(s) and Time :alternate sunday nights 18:30-22:30
    • Facebook Page : www.facebook.com/groups/nktknights.
    • Type of Games Played : card games and war games are played at this group

    Kings Lynn RPG Club

    • Meet up Venue :12th Scout Hut, Beulch Street, Off Wootton Road
    • Day(s) and Time :every sunday from 1 till 6 pm 
    • Website :kingslynnrpg.weebly.com
    • Contact Email :they contact you however you can phone 07392231244
    • Type of Games Played :this club plays tabletop roleplaying games and wargames for example warhammer 40k or flames of war.

    Roll With It

    • Meet up Venue :The Small Pepys,Huntingdon
    • Day(s) and Time :every monday from 2:30 till 10:30 pm
    • Type of Games Played : All games are payed at this club. admission is free plus whatever you choose to purches at the bar
    • NOTICE : This club unfortunatly is for people of age of 18 and over so if you are younger sadly you will be denied access to this club, if this changes it will be noted on this page.
    • NOTICE : This club has not started yet, it starts on Monday the 18th of September, 2018.


    • Meet up Venue :The Scout Hut, Old Hale Way, Hitchin,Hertfordshire.
    • Day(s) and Time :every Friday night from 7 pm
    • Type of Games Played :board games, tabletop games and card games are played by this club.

    Board Games In Bedford

    • Meet up Venue : 8 Lacock Abby, Bedford.
    • Day(s) and Time :every thursday from 8 pm
    • Type of Games Played :Board Games and Tabletop Games are played at this club.

    Bedford Board Gaming

    • Meet up Venue :Travistock Community Center, Prences Street.
    • Day(s) and Time :every wednesday night and alternate friday nights from 7 pm
    • Facebook Page :
    • Contact Email :
    • Contact Name & Number : Bedford Board Gaming, 07824666220
    • Type of Games Played : board games.

    Sons Of War Cambridge.

    • Meet up Venue :28th Cambridge Scout Hut, Cambridge.
    • Day(s) and Time :every wednesday nights from 6:30 till 10:30
    • Contact Email : 3club3@sonsofwar.org.uk
    • Type of Games Played : this club plays tabletop war games.

    Ely Wargames Society

    • Meet up Venue : Victoria Hall, Fordham, Suffolk
    • Day(s) and Time :every thursday nights from 6:45 pm
    • Facebook Page : www.facebook.com/groups/newmarket-and-ely-wargames-society.
    • Type of Games Played : All sorts of wargames and board games are played. flames of war, warhammer 40k etc.

    Peterborough War games Club

    • Meet up Venue :St John Ambulance Hall, On Cow Gate, Peterborough 
    • Day(s) and Time :every monday afternoon from 2:30 pm
    • Contact Email :committee@peterborough-wargames-club.org.uk
    • Contact Name & Number :Peterborough war gaming.
    • Type of Games Played :variety of wargames for example warhammer 40k, flames of war etc.

    Fenland RPG Club

    • Meet up Venue : Victoria Hall, Fordham, Cambridgeshire.
    • Day(s) and Time :thursday evenings from 7 pm
    • Facebook Page : www.facebook.com/groups/fenlandrpg
    • Contact Name :Fenland RPG Group
    • Type of Games Played :role playing games for example D&D is played.

    Grad Pad Games

    • Meet up Venue :The meetings are stationed at the University Center.
    • Day(s) and Time : Meetings are the first Saturday of each month.
    • Contact Name & Number : For the full information about this club please contact Paul Masumdar on Facebook. you will find out the dates and times of each scheduled meeting and the exact placement of each meeting.
    • Type of Games Played : contact Paul Masumdar on Facebook. for what games are played at this club.

    web page compiled by Alex Bevan on behalf of John Freeman for the hobbit hole, come check us out! 

    If you're in the Cambridgeshire Area and you'd like YOUR  club added to the list, please get your Club Chairman or Secretary to contact me.